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Badenas-Agusti, M., Günther, M.N., et al., 2020, HD 191939: Three Sub-Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc Away, in review (arXiv:2002.03958)}

Peer-reviewed, lead author

  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2020, Stellar Flares from the First Tess Data Release: Exploring a New Sample of M Dwarfs, AJ, 159 (2): 60
  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2019, A Super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the bright, nearby, and quiet M-dwarf TOI-270, Nature Astronomy, 409
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  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2016, Quantifying and predicting Drosophila larvae crawling phenotypes, Nature Scientific Reports, 6: 27972

Peer-reviewed, co-lead author

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  • Günther, M.N. & Daylan, T., 2019, allesfitter: Flexible star and exoplanet inference from photometry and radial velocity, Astrophysics Source Code Library (ascl:1903.003)

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(NGTS in Paranal, Chile. Credit: G. Lambert)