Educating, engaging & volunteering

  • 2021: 'Faszination Astronomie Online', a live-streamed outreach talk about our hunt for new worlds (video below). Organized by Haus der Astronomie in Heidelberg and featuring over 3,000 views on YouTube.

  • 2019: 'Ask/Tell a Scientist' at the Science Festival in Cambridge, MA, USA: Enagaged in open discussions with the public about any scientific topic, from astronomy to biology.

  • 2018: Volunteered for a month with marine biologists in Mozambique, teaching in local schools about marine conservation and sea awareness - sprinkled with some astrophysics.

  • 2017: Hosted a public evening on exoplanets in Burgkunstadt Germany, and gave a visiting tutorial for the high school's astrophysics course. Featured in the local German news (web1, web2) and on the school's website (web1, web2).

  • 2017: Tutored high-performing high-school students in physics and astronomy over multiple months, as part of 'The Brilliant Club' - a charitable programme focussed on low-participation neighbourhoods (web).

  • 2016: Bringing exoplanet science to 8-12 year old pupils in Barton Road and Milton Road Primary Schools. Thanks to the Cambridge Science Festival Roadshow for this fantastic programme (leaflet).

  • 2015: Initiated a public evening on exoplanets hosted at my former high school, Gymnasium Burgkunstadt, in Germany. The evening was featured in articles in the Obermain Tagblatt (web) and on the school's website (web).